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Your rolling eastbound on the dundas west streetcar, on your way to work on a bright sunny morning. You put down your Robert Jordan book and glance out the window, just as you pass Dufferin.

You see the yellow sign. The same sign you’ve seen every morning on the same commute. On the same streetcar. Going to the same job. Day in and day out. You notice that there’s a website. For a convenience store? Why would a convenience store have a website? What possible use would a website be for selling Lotto 649 tickets and cigarettes?

You unlock your phone and check. A soft moan leaves your lips as you exhale your hot stinky breath. You close your eyes and smile. The world still surprises you and your day is just a little bit brighter. You lick your fingers with your hot tongue and get back to your Robert Jordan book. The wheel weaves as the wheel wills.

A roomy tote bag with a square bottom that’ll hold whatever you need to carry.

• 100% cotton canvas
• Dimensions: 14 ¾” x 14 ¾”
• Dual 22” handles
• Reinforced bottom

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